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Gutsy Decisions, Results to Back It Up
Un Hombre De Su Palabra

Jim Hahn has a record of making gutsy decisions that have made Los Angeles better. In the face of criticism, he hired Police Chief Bratton. The result? Violent crime has dropped 18%, and gang crime has fallen even more. When L.A. almost split into two, Mayor Hahn understood that sticking together benefits us all. He took a chance and we all won. These tough fights are only part of the record of success behind Jim Hahn's first four years as Mayor. He has expanded after-school programs, defeated a plan to construct a coal-powered energy plant, and restored community policing. Jim Hahn is a Mayor we should keep for another four years.

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  • On The Issues
    Mayor Hahn is working to make Los Angeles safer and turn around our neighborhoods. Violent crime is down 18 percent compared with just two years ago, and it’s helping to attracting businesses and housing to Los Angeles communities. Read more about Mayor Hahn’s record by clicking on an issue below.

    Public Safety